Artist Bio

Tim Mc Gillicuddy graduated from GMIT with a Bachelor of fine art and design before returning to his native Kerry to set up his own studio. With the idea of making ceramic art accessible to everyone, he and his partner (the artist Robin Alger) set up Clay Fun to provide art classes for the local area. Inspired by research into ancient pottery practices and his own hands-on experience of modern industrial plaster methods, Tim has developed his own technique to push the medium to its limits. His work challenges our ideas of what ceramic art is by making use of mixed mediums and referencing other forms. His work plays with spatiality by presenting the viewer with seemingly simple scenes that, on closer inspection, reveal unexpected dimensions, textures, details or materials. In some pieces, natural landscapes include industrial motifs. In others, tree roots suggest optic nerves. The line between human subjectivity and the physical world is ambiguous in all of this work. Having dedicated the last few years to research, experimentation and honing his craft, Tim Mc Gillicuddy has only recently begun to exhibit his work.